East Rockway jr/Sr HS | SPRING 2023

First Career Day Inc. of 2023

at East Rockaway Jr/Sr High School

The program kicked off with two exceptional keynote presentations that set the tone for an inspiring day. The first keynote was delivered by Kenia Nuñez, an esteemed entrepreneurship consultant and self-care strategist. Kenia's expertise in holistic self-care has been evident since she launched her wellness company in 2013, SavvyGems, Inc. With her vast experience as a Small Business/Entrepreneurship Coach, Curriculum Creator for Culturally Responsive Programs, Best-selling Author, Award-winning Self-care Strategist, and Yoga Teacher, Kenia left a lasting impression on students.

The second keynote presenter, Dailisha Rodriguez, added another layer of inspiration to the program. As the Founder and Executive Director of Hey There Beautiful, a Motivational Speaker, Executive Organizational Development Coach, TED Talk Presenter, and Transformative and Corporate Coach, Dailisha shared her invaluable insights and motivated the students to pursue their dreams.

The program was a resounding success, with 600 students in attendance and a lineup of 45 outstanding speakers who inspired, educated, and motivated young minds. We are grateful for the overwhelming positive feedback we received from teachers, administration, and students alike. Their enthusiasm and engagement throughout the program were truly inspiring.

As the day drew to a close, the program concluded with a special luncheon, creating an opportunity for all the speakers and senior students to connect and interact. It was a time of reflection, networking, and building connections that will undoubtedly impact the students' lives.



Thanks to East Rockaway Jr/Sr High School Administration, Board of Education, Superintendent, James DeTommaso High School Principal, Richard Schaffer, Assistant Principals, and Counselors for hosting this fantastic program. Special thanks to Janna Bonacorsi, Director of School Counseling, for organizing this program.

Thanks to our more than 45 speakers for their committed participation and support of our mission.

Thanks to our Sponsors.

Special thanks to East Rockaway Jr/Sr High Sschool PTSA

Thanks to everyone involved in participating and supporting us in our mission to inspire students through career choice awareness.