Hear from Our Presenters:

"Students were very interested in a lot of things I do inside and outside of work. We spoke a lot about finances and money. It was a really great event. I believe it should be done at every high school.”

 A.G., Manager FEDEX Retail Office

"Career Day fueled my desire to further educate and speak to students about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) careers. There is a diverse set of jobs in the healthcare, research, and pharmaceutical industries alongside the traditional pre-professional careers (i.e. nurse, dentist, physician). Students should learn from an early age what the possibilities are. After attending this meaningful experience, it allowed me to establish a partnership with a local non-profit organization where my employer provided high school graduates with STEM scholarships. Thank you to Career Day and Beth for organizing a tremendous program that allows young professionals to pay it forward to the future generations!”

 D.C., Clinical Research Professional

"It was a wonderful experience for me. You are an amazing lady! If I can be of any help in the future just shout! By the way, every high school would benefit from such a program - you must reach out to all of them!"

 A.P., Marketing and Brand Management

"I really had a great time at the program. It was very well organized, and the students were great—they were engaged and asked all of the right questions. I would love to participate in again. I also wanted to say thank you to you because participating in this program helped reinvigorate me - my purpose for what I do each and every day. Sometimes we get so lost in the day-to-day that we forget why we do what we do, and this helped me to go back to my roots and refocus some of my energy!"

 E.B., Hospital Administrator

"Sharing information about how diverse an artistic career can be and seeing the students inspired by that was a great part of the day for me. It was also great to hear what they initially thought an artist did."

 H.D., Artist

Thank you again for inviting me to participate in this very valuable project you have created. I am excited to continue collaborating with you and the bright, enthusiastic people you have collected to share their expertise and life experience. All real change comes from the ground up!”

 M.C., Farmer

"[Kids] have some vague ideas of how to get to what they want to do. They don’t hear the true story about how to get to their chosen profession. There’s a lot of mystery behind becoming a physician. You wouldn’t think so, but there is. There is misinformation there too, like the fact that you must be a science major. You don’t have to be. Or that you must take a thousand AP courses in high school or you can’t be squeamish about blood. All those things are not necessarily true. I think it’s important to get the inside information. They also get to hear about careers they may never have heard of."

 M.C., Surgeon

I think there are so many opportunities at these kids’ fingertips. The ability to tap into people in various industries and learn about them is fascinating. The most rewarding part is having the opportunity to inspire anybody in that room, and not necessarily about entertainment. It can be something that they’re passionate about. I really think that, as a career, you should do something that you’re passionate about. I don’t want them to think they can only clock in and out at some job. They can create their life plan right now. So why not have it be about something they’re passionate about—or be about something they can become passionate about? If I can inspire that, that’s cool.”

  J.S., Entertainment Lawyer

In the Words of Student Attendees:

"Today’s program was really informative. I was surprised at how many professions interested me and I was able to get an idea of what I would be doing in the future. The speakers really had a lot of information and even different scenarios they are in at work. I had no idea I would be this intrigued because I had already picked a career path in computer science. Overall, Career day was very overwhelming, especially because I’m a senior, but it was really informative….I got to hear from many speakers: to always find what interests you/ what skills come natural to you and take this and succeed. “


"Career Day put so many things into perspective and taught me that it’s ok if there are changes along the way.”


"Career Day showed me you can go anywhere with engineering. You're always learning and it’s constantly changing/developing, which is a beautiful thing."


"I thought that Career Day was very inspirational, and it gave me a better idea of the work that goes into doing what I want to do. I was prepared and took as many notes as possible, so I can use them for the future to be successful."


What Teachers Have to Say:

"I love that this began by telling kids to follow their interests, their "likes"... their bliss, then find a career doing what they love. That’s SO important (rather than following money alone). Add to that, they should be "the hardest working person in the room" regardless of career ... and success will follow.”

 West Hempstead HS Teacher

"The feedback I am hearing all over from the students is really positive. You put a tremendous amount of work into the day. It is a very worthwhile day and brought a lot of insight to our student body about potential careers."

 Clark HS Teacher

"I sat in on the surgeon's presentation; it was great! He told the kids things they never would have learned by reading about a career. he had advice for them about classes, schools, undergrad, etc.”

 Oyster Bay HS Teacher

Scholarship Recipient Thank You Notes:

"It was an incredible experience to communicate with professionals in a small group environment. I was able to explore Healthcare in a new way. I learned that there is a whole world of careers in healthcare that are vastly different. There is truly something for anyone. Not only did the speakers talk about the good in their careers, but the mistakes and downsides. Going into this session, I was unsure of what I wanted to do after my Bachelor’s degree. I still don’t know what the future holds, but I’m definitely looking into teaching in the medical field. What really resonated with me was how they all love what they do, I could only hope to find the same love they have with my education. Career Day Inc. has inspired me to look into avenues that will allow me to fulfill more aspects of a career that I am interested in. I would've never known the many options out there without you.”

 August Romeo

"I remember walking into school that day with my mind set on what I wanted to do. After gaining insights on multiple professions. I learned that you can only be successful doing something that you love to do. It was crazy seeing how something as bizarre as bobble heads can turn into a worthwhile and comfortable career. It was also very enlightening. On that day I was placed in many programs that I thought had nothing to do with my career, but they did. Seeing everyone talk about their career with such joy made me realize that I want to be in a profession that I enjoy. Career day also helped me realize that you can take anything and turn it into a career if you put in the time and effort. Career day amplified my future goals and inspired me even more. I will forever be thankful for this opportunity and all that it had to offer. Thank you again for awarding me with this scholarship.”

 Omosefe Ikpia

"Thank you so much for the Arie A. Bucheister Memorial Scholarship. It was an honor to receive it. I really enjoyed meeting with you and want you to know that Career Day Inc. influenced me a lot…I learned a lot from what I saw that day. Thank you again!”

 Amanda Chau

"I was so honored to be the recipient of the Arie A. Bucheister Memorial Scholarship this year. Career Day inspired me to look into a career that I might not have given any thought to. The photographer has invited me to go along with her on photo shoots and learn about photography editing programs. This experience has enriched my life! I started as a struggling student. Through discipline I stayed on the honor roll and now principal’s honor roll for many years. This is just a clear sign to me that I successfully turned my life around.”

 Victoria Lattanzio

"As long as I live, I will never ever forget the vision of you on stage calling me up to give me the scholarship. This may be the norm for other students, but for me it was absolutely extraordinary. With my sincerest thanks for this blessing.”

 Diana Velasquez

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