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Inspiring students through career choice awareness!
Career Day Inc.™ is a program that takes place over an entire school day. Students connect with high school alumni and other professionals in small, conference-style settings to inspire them to be confident, motivated, and successful in their future careers.Beth & Renee Photo Beth Bucheister with Renee Flagler Keynote speaker and Executive Director of GirlsIncLI
Beth & Renee Photo Catherine "Cat" Chimney Olympic Sailing competitor of Oakcliff Sailing Oyster Bay, NY WHHS Gym with kids photo Students at West Hempstead High School enjoying the Networking Luncheon provided by Career Day Inc.
What is The Virtual Career Day Inc.™ program?
Due to COVID-19, to ensure the safety of all participants, all programs will be virtual for the 2020-2021 academic year. We will assess the plan for the 2021-2022 academic year in the coming months. Though the program is now offered virtually, it is still customized for each school’s unique needs, including length of event and number of participants.

Why should my school host Career Day Inc.™ ?
Career Day Inc.™ helps schools provide a link to practical learning that supports classroom curriculum. When students speak to a successful novelist or journalist, they will have a better understanding of the importance of English and literature classes. When they realize that plumbers and electricians need high level math skills, they will know the importance of geometry, trigonometry, and algebra. And, when they learn that museum curators and biomedical technicians need to know the properties of chemistry, they will appreciate the importance of their science classes.

Career Day Inc. ™ is registered at Nassau BOCES and Western Suffolk BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services) Arts in Education Exploratory Enrichment program. The Exploratory Enrichment service provides a shared experience that extends beyond traditional classroom instruction.

Career Day Inc. is also available with Eastern Suffolk BOCES under the Arts in Education Exploratory Enrichment catalogue.

We offer 2 different BOCES program options. Information can be found below: Career Day Inc. Assembly and Entrepreneur Panel Career Day Inc. High School Program

Arie A. Bucheister Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship program is intended to foster confidence and encourage students to follow career paths that will lead them to personal success. Every student, regardless of academic achievement, has an equal opportunity to receive this award.

One student in each host school who, by their own efforts, indicates how Career Day influenced their future education, training, or career goals, will be selected to receive the Arie A. Bucheister Memorial Scholarship.

"My late husband believed that anyone could be successful if they had the desire to succeed. Parents, teachers, and community members can be supportive, of course. However, Arie felt that it was up to an individual to do the work necessary to have a bright future. He was an immigrant and the child of Holocaust survivors. He moved to the US with his family at age 11 and was unwavering in his knowledge that he would have a future very different from that of his parents and grandparents. He was determined to be in charge of his future success. Arie had a doctorate in organic chemistry. He left chemistry to be his own boss, work in our family’s retail business, build a fast food restaurant, and erect a four-story building with the help of local men in Brooklyn who had nothing but the will to work. Arie freely gave of himself to friends, family, tenants, co-workers, and even strangers on the street. He wanted everyone to have the brightest future possible. One thing he could not control, however, was the short amount of time he would be with us. His life was cut short but not his legacy. He lives on in his family and friends and the young people who are honored with this award." - Beth

  • • SPEAKERS are obtained through a collaborative effort utilizing local business people, alumni, and recommendations from staff and parents.
  • • Students select speakers and to hear presentations of their choosing.
  • • Teachers are engaged by partnering with chosen professionals, using this program to foster curriculum integration.
School Administrator Testimonial:

The Career Day Inc. ™ Program was fantastic!! Students were engaged and asked excellent and pertinent questions. Presenters represented various careers that many of our students have expressed an interest in learning more about. I have already recommended this program to many of my col-leagues!!!

E. Rafaelides, Supervisor of Guidance Services K-12, Hicksville Public Schools
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