Jericho High School | Spring 2023

Unforgettable Program at Jericho High School

Jericho High School hosted its very first Career Day Inc. program, and it was an absolute success, inspiring over 1,000 students from 9th to 12th grade. Students were greeted with an atmosphere of excitement and possibility when they entered the auditorium.

Throughout the program, three captivating speakers took the stage, sharing their personal journeys and shedding light on the diverse career opportunities available. With their exceptional stories and experiences, they left the students in awe and motivated them to pursue their dreams with relentless determination.

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Nithin Kottam

Avionics engineer with extensive experience working on Cockpit Software, Air-Ground Communication Systems, and Interiors LED lighting systems. He is currently an Engineering Manager at Collins Aerospace where he oversees a multi-site team of systems and software engineers who develop interior lighting systems for commercial and business aircrafts.

Aviation and Engineering Management

E. Samantha Chengi

E. Samantha Cheng is an American producer, director, writer, documentarian, and journalist. She has devoted much of her career to raising the visibility of Asian Pacific Islander Americans, and women in technology and their contributions to United States history. Cheng is the co-founder of Heritage Series, LLC, a company that specializes in educational programs about U.S. ethnic minorities.

TV production, Communications and Arts

Michael Goldberg

Michael H. Goldberg is the former executive director of Northwell Health's LIJ Medical Center where he was responsible for day-to-day operations of the hospital’s $1 billion annual operating budget. Mr. Goldberg is also an adjunct professor in Hofstra University's Department of Health Professions, School of Health Sciences and Human Services. Founder and CEO of Walkalongside Leader. Board Member at Counslr Inc. and Career Day Inc.

Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Leadership Training


Thanks to Jericho High School Administration, Board of Education; High School Co-Principals, David Cohen and Dr. Joe Prisinzano; Assistant Principals Dr. Micheala Finlay and Brian Cummings, and Curriculum Associate for School Counseling, Gregory Sloan for hosting this fantastic program. Special thanks to counselors Adrienne Nasser and Jenna Sansaricq for successfully organizing this program.

Thanks to all speakers for their committed participation and support of our mission.

Thanks to everyone involved in participating and supporting us in our mission to inspire students through career choice awareness.