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W.T. Clarke holds its first Career Day

W.T. Clarke High School in East Meadow opened its doors to 58 professionals on Dec. 8 during the school’s first Career Day.

Sophomores, juniors and seniors received life advice from carpenters, real estate agents, doctors, fashion executives and a number of other experts in their field. Some of the speakers were W.T. Clarke alumni who explained how their high school experiences had impacted their future.

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Oyster Bay High School Students Enlightened By Career Day
By Dave Gil de Rubio - December 13, 2016

Career Day Inc.™ held its inaugural event at Oyster Bay High School on Dec. 2 and in the process, offered 374 10th-, 11th- and 12th-grade students a chance to have an atypical job fair experience. This Career Day featured students sitting in on presentations from 58 different professionals. The idea of having such a varied menu of jobs ranging from plumber and electrician to acting Supreme Court Justice to an award-winning restaurant owner/chef, documentary filmmaker and astronomer as a key component for Career Day Inc.™ founder Beth Bucheister when she was putting this program together.

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